We keep on opening new stores one after another in all the cities around the world. We invite you to join in this rapidly growing, long-term, profitable and prestigious franchise chain and become the operator of Çilek Stores in your own region.

Once you decide to become a part of the Çilek franchise system, you will take advantage of the following benefits;

  • The power of a recognized brand with an international presence over 5 continents, with 444 sales outlets,
  • Strong brand awareness and visual brand identity,
  • A successful and rapidly expanding international retail concept,
  • A proven background in children and teen rooms as a pioneering and expert brand,
  • The most comprehensive product range for children and teens including beds, quilts, carpets, curtains, lamps, nightstands, wardrobes, pillows and many more.

Also you will enjoy;

  • the benefits of offering a strong brand preferred by children and their parents on a global scale,
  • operating an highly sophisticated enterprise,
  • the esteem of representing a prestigious brand with your store, in your location.

Becoming a Çilek Franchisee which will pay off within a very short time as two years in average takes;

  • A store having at least 250 sqm maximum space, at a location where a high pedestrian traffic and shopping potential exists
  • Having an average operating capital of TL 150.000 to 300.000
  • The enthusiasm for the interior and exterior of Çilek Concept Store
  • The entrepreneurship inspiration, as well as retail sales knowledge and business experience
  • Adequate local sales volume potential.

Once you become the part of the Çilek family, you will also take advantage of the support we extend to all of our entrepreneurs, which include;

  • Selection of the right location
  • Regional competition protection and franchise agreement
  • Architectural project design and application
  • Business handbook
  • Product supply and pricing
  • Shipments to any spot around the world
  • 5 year-warranty
  • After sales service
  • "World Class Retail Management Program" application by Friedmann International
  • Training and sharing of knowledgebase
  • Regional business development plans
  • Corporate promotion assistance
  • Effective and dynamic campaign assistance
  • Regional and national commercials
  • Professional PR materials (catalogues, flyers, website, price lists)
  • Ongoing support and service on marketing, promotion and PR.

"A business to thrive and yield contentment!"

Please dial the number below to start our collaboration for a goal to reach remarkable achievements.

For your questions and more information on franchising, please contact at +90 212 465 78 45 - franchising@cilek.com