Bambu Decke (155x215 cm)
Bambu Decke (155x215 cm)
Bambu Decke (155x215 cm)

Bambu Decke (155x215 cm)

Sku: 21.04.4513.00


Breite: 155 cm | Höhe: 5 cm | Tiefe: 215 cm

• The softness of bamboo fibers which have a natural coolness due to its nature gives a silky feeling.
• The soft feeling maintains this softness even after washing.
• It provides quality sleep during sleep thanks to its air permeability feature .
• Thanks to its water absorbency, it absorbs moisture more quickly and does not sweat.
• It has the ability to retard the formation of bacteria with its fast protection feature and therefore does not produce smell.
• It may be used suitably with 160x220 cm duvet cover.

Material Info:
• Cover fabric % 70 cotton, % 30 viscose
• Filling % 70 nano fiber % 30 bamboo

Washing Instructions:
• Washable at 30 degrees with precise setting of the hand wash program in washing machine.
• After washing, it should not be kept wet in the washing machine.
• Bleach should not be used.
• No ironing should be done.
• Dry cleaning should not be performed.
• It must be dried flat.


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