Studio Bett (90x200 cm)
Studio Bett (90x200 cm)
Studio Bett (90x200 cm)

Studio Bett (90x200 cm)

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Breite: 207 cm | Höhe: 84 cm | Tiefe: 95 cm

• It is the sleeping area under the upper bed.
• Optionally, it can be used in accordance with the upper bed or the lower bed with drawers.
• Apart from being a sleep product, it can also be used as a sitting area in the room with its daybed style design.
• It is used by mounting the upper bed on the lower part of the foot / head end with the hidden connection apparatus mounted on the foot and bedside.
• When using the product individually, plastic stopper materials coming out of the package to cover the connection holes on the outer / upper and upper sides of the feet / head, For bottom surfaces that come into contact with the floor, plastic booties must be used in the package.


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