Summer Sandalye Mavi
Summer Sandalye Mavi
Summer Stuhl Blau
Summer Stuhl Blau
Summer Stuhl Blau

Summer Stuhl Blau

Sku: 21.08.8486.00


Breite: 44 cm | Höhe: 87 cm | Tiefe: 49 cm

Materials Used
• The structure and feet are wood.
• The furnishing fabric is in mint green color and 100% polyester.
• Seat filling material is 28 density sponge, and the filling material for backrest is 18 density sponge.
• Wood foot paint is lacquer white.
• Nailed plastic bootes below the wooden feet.

Instructions for Product use and Maintenance
• You should not stand on the chair.
• The chair should not be used as a mobile ladder or to carry goods within the house.
• If product parts are damaged or worn, spare parts should not be used instead of the relevant part without the approval of factory.
• Only dry cloth should be wiped and cleaned in the direction of flow of the fabric.
• Bleach, bleaching chemicals and wire brushes should not be used during cleaning.
• Any stains that may occur should be intervened immediately.


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