It has modules and details that support the development process of his personality, which gives the freedom to form the child's personality from infancy to play and last childhood. Children are at the center of Montessori education. The Montes Series also created an individual, free, functional, fun environment for children, so that the Montessori education process is also supported by designs in the child's room.


Montes Bed (80x180 Cm)
Montes Toy Box/puff
Comfort Mattress
Ultra Comfort Baby Mattress (60x120x8 Cm)
Storage Ottoman Blue
Rose Ottoman
Comfort Kid Chair Pink
Smile Bed Cover (80-90 Cm)
Ducy Bed Cover (90-100 Cm)
Rosa Bed Cover (90-100 Cm)

About Montessori Education

Montessori education system 'Help me to do it myself. ' Proceeding from the motto (M. Montessori), it was aimed at developing the child's own capacity and abilities. The most important feature of this method of education is that the child is self-sufficient and planned on the formation of his own personality.