Cuna plegable (45x90 Cm)
Cuna plegable (45x90 Cm)
Cuna plegable (45x90 Cm)
Cuna plegable (45x90 Cm)
Cuna plegable (45x90 Cm)
Cuna plegable (45x90 Cm)

Cuna plegable (45x90 Cm)

Sku 21.11.4806.00


Anchura: 71 cm | Altura: 75 cm | Profundidad: 96 cm

• The product consists of wooden frame, textile protection set and sponge bed.
• Bed Dimensiones are 40x80x4 cm.
• Fabric side protection can be used on both sides. It has portable fabric pocket, it can be used on both sides of the product.
• Bottom wood feet can be dismantled and folded and carried practically.

Material Information:
• Wooden frame parts are made of beech wood.
• Surfaces of the wood parts are coated with lead-free varnish.
• 100% cotton fabric is used in fabric side protection and portable fabric pocket.
• The mattress is made of one piece sponge and protected by a fabric cover.

Cleaning and Usage Instructions:
• Prior to use, the warranty conditions and instructions in the package should be read carefully and stored. * The product can be used for 0-6 month period of babies. * If the baby can sit, fall on his/her knees, try to get up in the crib, or pull the crib, then the product should no longer be used.
• Care should be taken to ensure that the connections of all assembly points are smooth and tight, and that all screws are on without any missing one against the possibility of getting caught of clothes of the child or any part of the body.
• Care should be taken to ensure that the floor where the product will be used is smooth.
• Small children should not play games in and around the crib without supervision.
• If any part of the crib is missing, fall off or broken, the crib should not be used and the store where the product is bought should be notified.
• Care should be taken to keep the cradle away from places with fire hazard such as open fire, electric stove, gas stove.
• The direction of the sponge bed should be changed at certain periods, and it should be used upside down.
• For cleaning the wood parts, cleaning materials containing bleaching chemicals and hard brushes should not be used.
• Fabric side protection should be washed in the washing machine at a sensitive setting so as not to exceed 30 degrees.
• No bleach should be used during washing.
• It should not be kept wet in the washing machine after washing.
• It should not be dried in drying machines and it should be dried by laying it down in natural environments.
• Dry cleaning is not allowed.
• Ironing can be done at the lowest temperature.

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